Patients in Silver Spring, MD, can now benefit from Cummins Dental Group. Dr. Adrian Cummins is an experienced dentist in the Silver Spring area. Dr. Cummins offers various dental services in his practice, from preventative to restorative to cosmetic dentistry

Dentist in Silver Spring

Dr. Cummins is your dentist in Silver Spring, MD. He is a passionate dentist that works hard to provide high-quality dental care to his patients. Dr. Cummins is a second-generation dentist who went to the University of Maryland for dental school. He completed an advanced General Practice Residency in New York following dental school. Today, he is happy to be back in Maryland to serve the residents of Silver Spring, MD, and surrounding areas. Dr. Cummins’s philosophy is to provide comprehensive treatment for patients and educate them about their oral health. 

Cosmetic Dentistry in Silver Spring, MD

At Cummins Dental Group, we offer cosmetic dentistry to the residents of Silver Spring, MD, and surrounding areas. Two of Dr. Cummin’s most popular procedures are teeth whitening and dental veneers. Dr. Cummins can whiten your teeth multiple shades lighter with professional in-office or at-home teeth whitening. He recommends that patients use professional teeth whitening instead of over-the-counter solutions, which can be inaccurate. Secondly, Dr. Cummins often places dental veneers on patients. Dental veneers are typically made of porcelain and are often called shells. Veneers sit on the front of your tooth and can dramatically change the tooth’s size, shape, and shade. At Cummins Dental Group, we recommend four to six veneers per tooth. Both teeth whitening and dental veneers can dramatically enhance the appearance of your smile

Restorative Dentistry in Silver Spring, MD

You may benefit from restorative dentistry if you have dental decay, a cracked tooth, or a tooth infection. Standard restorative dentistry procedures performed at Cummins Dental Group include dental implants, dental crowns, and dental bridges. 

Dental implants can replace one or more missing teeth. A dental implant is a complete prosthetic restoration for a tooth that replaces the root with the tooth’s crown. A dental implant is placed by inserting a titanium post in the gums and attaching an abutment on top. Then we put a crown, bridge, or denture on the abutment. Dental implants are a permanent solution, and the care is similar to taking care of your natural teeth. 

If you have a broken or decayed tooth, you may benefit from a dental crown. This restoration is made of porcelain. A dental crown is often called a cap because it sits on top of the natural tooth. Once we remove the decay, Dr. Cummins will buff down the natural tooth. A porcelain crown is created from an impression taken at the dental office in a lab. Then, the crown is bonded to the top of the existing tooth. You will have a new functioning tooth in only a few weeks. 

We often recommend a dental bridge for people who are missing one tooth. Unlike a dental implant, a dental bridge only replaces the crown of the tooth, not the root. A dental bridge is three crowns attached. The outside crowns adhere to the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. Then, the middle crown floats above the gums where the missing tooth was. A dental bridge can improve the appearance and function of your teeth. 

As a dentist in Silver Spring, MD, Dr. Cummins is dedicated to your oral health. Dr. Cummins offers several dental services, from cosmetic dentistry to restorative dentistry. For more information about Dr. Cummins or to schedule an appointment, call our office.

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