If you are looking for a comprehensive dentist in the Silver Spring area, Dr. Adrian Cummins is your trusted family dentist! Dr. Adrian Cummins attended the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in Baltimore. He fell in love with the area because of it’s diverse, ever-growing community and saw within it a true dedication to health and wellness. Dr. Cummins considers the healthcare system in the Silver Spring area to be one of the best, and he was excited to be able to contribute to the health-conscious community by opening his very own dental practice. The team at Cummins Dental Group is honored that they get to provide exceptional dental services to the population of Silver Spring, and they are dedicated to building personal relationships with all members of the community!


Dr. Cummins was inspired by his mother, who is also a dentist, and respected her ability to build personal connections with her patients. He aimed to replicate that level of dedication within his own practice and to truly connect with his patients. While in dental school, Dr. Adrian Cummins was able to learn from some of the best leaders in the dental industry. He then took those skills and applied them to serve the members of his own community. Dr. Cummins is proud to have achieved his Fellowship at the earliest stage possible in his career and feels it shows his commitment to his patients and their level of care. You can trust that you are receiving the best level of care when you visit Cummins Dental Group!


Personalized Care

Dr. Adrian Cummins provides the members of the Silver Spring community with easy access to quality dental care. Whether you need a routine treatment or a more advanced procedure, Cummins Dental Group is here to help you with all your dental needs! Every smile is unique, so every patient deserves quality, personalized dental care that will suit their specific needs. The team goes out of their way to build long-lasting personal relationships with patients so that they can better assist with their dental care over their lifetime. Every patient’s needs change as they get older, so it is important to choose a dentist in Silver Spring you can trust to care for your smile throughout your years. Dr. Adrian Cummins is your neighborhood dentist who you can count on to provide exceptional service through every phase of life.


Advocating for Patients

What sets Cummins Dental Group apart from the competition is the commitment to education for both the staff and patients. Patient education can make a significant difference in the oral health of many patients. Simple changes to a daily routine can have a profound effect on necessary dental care. A patient who takes good care of their smile can lower their risk for periodontal disease and reduce the likelihood that they may need expensive dental procedures in the future. This can save thousands of dollars in dental care over the lifetime of the patient.


Innovative Technology

Dr. Cummins and the team at Cummins Dental Group are committed to continuous education and constant innovation both in technological training and the services they provide. Their state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the most advanced dental technology currently available and they aim to provide exceptional service that goes above and beyond standard dental care. When you visit Cummins Dental Group, you can expect advanced dental care that will elevate your smile and your oral health.


Affordable Treatment

Cummins Dental Group is passionate about sharing its dedication to comprehensive dental care and quality customer service. The team is proud to offer a variety of services at affordable rates so that they can accommodate every patient’s needs. Do you require a dental cleaning or updated dental x-rays? Call Cummins Dental Group today to learn more about the services provided to help all patients lead healthier lives.


Prioritizing Your Health

Oral and dental health directly affects your overall wellbeing, so regular dentist visits in Silver Spring are essential to leading a healthy lifestyle. Many chronic illnesses are connected to oral health, even diabetes and heart problems can have a direct correlation to the current state of your teeth and gums. Dr. Cummins is passionate about spreading awareness regarding oral health and how it affects patients’ everyday lives. It is so important to make your six-month dental visits so that your dentist can thoroughly clean and examine your teeth and gums. Call Dr. Cummins to learn more about how your dental health may be affecting you physically.


Dr. Cummins and his talented staff are dedicated to contributing to the health and wellness of Silver Spring and the surrounding areas. Cummins Dental Group is your source for reliable, high-quality dental care at an affordable price. If you need a routine dental cleaning or an annual check-up, call the office today to make an appointment! The excellent staff at Cummins Dental Group is devoted to providing the best possible care in the area!


Take control of your dental health—call Cummins Dental Group, your dentist in Silver Spring, today to book your next appointment.