Have a toothache? It could be a more serious issue than you think. You may not need to worry if it goes away within a specific amount of time. But why wait? What’s the harm in making sure everything is ok? Why not address the pain as soon as possible? Please schedule an appointment with Cummins Dental Group in Silver Spring, MD, so that we can get you the treatment you need.

We’ll make sure your smile is in excellent condition and help you get rid of that toothache for good.


Some Signs Which May Indicate You Need Treatment

If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, please get in touch with us:

These symptoms could be indications of an infection or something equally serious. 


Can a Toothache Go Away Without Treatment?

It would be best if you never ignored a toothache. You might be able to bear the pain while it lasts. If you’d prefer to make the pain go away as quickly as possible, you might seek professional treatment. 

The pain could be an indication of a severe problem. Even if it is not a severe problem, minor dental issues can worsen and quickly become more concerning dental problems that grow without treatment. For example, if your toothache is due to a tooth or gum infection, the condition can last for at least several months or years and spread. 

If a toothache lasts more than a day or two, you shouldn’t wait. Please get in touch with us to schedule an appointment. 


What Causes My Toothache?

Many things can bring on a toothache, and Dr. Cummins can help you determine the cause. Some of the most common causes of toothaches are:


How Can I Relieve My Toothache?

The tips, not necessarily in order of importance, may help you manage pain until you see a dentist for the necessary treatment.


Rinse with warm saltwater.

Warm salt water can help remove debris between your teeth, sanitize your mouth, and reduce inflammation.


Rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash.

Check with your pharmacist about any suggestions for product recommendations. You can also create a home-care solution by combining three percent hydrogen peroxide with an equal amount of water. Swish for 30 seconds through your mouth and teeth, then spit, being careful not to swallow the solution. After that, rinse well with clean water.


Take a pain reliever.

Ibuprofen may be the most effective pain-reliever and anti-inflammatory to alleviate toothache and is the most commonly recommended. Check with your doctor before taking any medication.


Schedule an appointment.

Even a small toothache can signal the beginning of a more serious problem. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to book an appointment, and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Apply a hot and cold compress to the affected area.

Start with a five-minute application of a warm, moist compress to the face outside the sore area. After that, apply a cold compress to the same location until your face feels numb. Repeat this process a couple of times until you’re feeling better.


Keep your head elevated.

More blood flows toward your head when you lie down. With a toothache, this might enhance pressure, sensitivity, and pain. Try propping your head up on a pillow or two or any other method of keeping your head raised and less pressure out of the painful area.


Clean and treat the teeth and gums around the painful area.

You may have an infection if you feel discomfort and swelling in the gums surrounding a tooth. To clean the region, start flossing it and then rinsing it with warm saltwater. Before rinsing, try massaging aloe vera juice on your gums with a clean finger.

You might also notice pain when chewing, bad breath, and a sour taste. It’s critical to seek treatment as soon as possible before the infection worsens. See also the section on pain relievers. 


The Best Dental Care in Silver Spring

It’s easy to maintain good dental hygiene and avoid toothaches. It takes a little effort and practice daily. We can help. We’ve been doing this a long time, and we know what we’re doing. Let us take a closer look at the problem. We can eliminate your toothache, heal what ails you, and prevent future issues. 

Please get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation. Cummins Dental Group is committed to your smile.

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